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Master of Spirituality
Spirituality is a multifaceted and deeply personal concept that encompasses a broad range of beliefs, practices, and experiences. While it can vary widely...
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7 Surprising Facts About Spiritual Warfare Dreams
Spiritual warfare dreams are dreams that often involve two entities, a negative force, and a positive force. Such dreams can have various different meanings,...
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Why is Krishna Blue?
Why is Krishna Blue? This question comes up into the minds of almost all the youngsters and adults alike when they first him. Not just him, but almost...
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150+ Crown Chakra Affirmations For Surprising Benefits
The crown chakra is the topmost chakra in a human body. It is the only chakra which is located outside the physical body, at the top of the head. Aligning...
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150+ Third Eye Chakra Affirmations For Surprising Benefits
The third eye chakra is the second chakra from the top of the human body. It is indigo in color, and is associated with the highest level of human consciousness...
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