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Sacral Chakra Crystals : 6 Crystals for Positive Energy
Sacral Chakra Crystals are a tool, that if utilized correctly, can help in balancing the energy in the lower region of our bodies. The usage of crystals...
panjurli daiva
Panjurli : The Powerful Deity of The South
Deities are expressions of the source of creation in a divine energy form. People connect to deities for different purposes, the main one being liberation....
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How to Overcome Lust : Powerful Techniques
Lust refers to an act of excessive desiring for something. That something can be money, power, sexual gratification or even food. How to overcome lust...
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Practical Spirituality : Number 1 Way Of Balancing the Divine and the Everyday
In the hustle and bustle of modern life, where deadlines loom and responsibilities pile up, finding a connection to spirituality might seem like a distant...
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Krishna Mantra : 5 Powerful Chants to Connect With The Divine
The practice of chanting mantras has been an integral part of Hinduism for centuries. Mantras are sacred words or phrases that are repeated to invoke divine...
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