Krishna Mantra : 5 Powerful Chants to Connect With The Divine

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The practice of chanting mantras has been an integral part of Hinduism for centuries. Mantras are sacred words or phrases that are repeated to invoke divine energy and connect with the spiritual realm. More often than not, mantras are said to be associated with a deity. A deity represents a unique expression or display of the supreme energy which is the source of creation. People worship or tend to connect with different deities due to various reasons. Someone may worship a deity as that particular expression of the divine appeals to him the most, or he may do it to gain something that the deity is known for.

A Krishna Mantra, is any mantra which is associated with Lord Krishna and helps in connecting with his energy. In this article, we will explore the significance of a Krishna mantra, the different types of Krishna mantras, and the benefits that they offer. The correct procedure for chanting a Krishna Mantra will also be elucidated.

The Significance of Mantras

Mantras play a vital role in Hindu practices. They are believed to have the power to transform an individual’s consciousness and lead them on a path of self-realization. Mantras are considered a means of communication with the divine. There are several different mantras for different use cases, such as for controlling anger, for success, and ones purely for spiritual progress.

All mantras are mostly associated with a deity. There exist Shiva Mantras, and even Rama Mantras. Taking the example of Lord Krishna, a Krishna Mantra is not just a collection of words; it is a sacred vibration that resonates with the energy of Lord Krishna. Chanting this mantra is believed to open the door to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It helps individuals connect with their inner selves and experience a profound sense of peace. Many also believe that repeated chanting of such mantras, when done with devotion and surrender, with the right intentions, results in receiving the blessings of Lord Krishna.

Procedure for Chanting a Krishna Mantra

Any mantra can be chanted while sitting in a comfortable posture with the spine straight. Sitting cross-legged is the usual technique that people use. Keeping your eyes closed throughout the chanting is recommended as it minimizes the external stimulation during the chants. Focusing on the syllables of the Mantra, along with a feeling of complete devotion and surrender to Lord Krishna improves the practice by immeasurable amounts.

Preparatory Steps

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Before beginning the chanting, there are certain ritualistic procedures that are usually followed by anyone beginning his practice seriously. They are not mandatory but do have positive effects. They have been described below:-

  1. Lighting of an oil lamp or a diya in the room where the chant is to take place: Before beginning with the chants, it is recommended to light a diya in front of yourself. Doing so performs a rudimentary Agni Bhuta Shuddhi before and throughout the practice. It also makes the atmosphere more conducive for spiritual practices.
  2. Lighting an incense stick in the room where the chant is to take place: Before beginning with the chants, it is recommended to light an incense stick, or have some form of fragrance in the room. Having an earthy smell around you uplifts your mood and gets you into a balanced state. It is an added external support to be able to connect with the divine energy more easily.
  3. Offering any item such as jaggery to the divine as an act of faith: Before beginning with the chants, it is recommended to give an offering, i.e. place any item in front of yourself for consumption by the Lord. This act is done to signify sacrifice, and willingness to become an eternal devotee of the Lord. As a general rule, one should not offer anything that one is not willing to consume himself or herself. There is also a list of prescribed offerings that can be given to different deities.

Process of Chanting

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After the commencement of the preparatory steps, one can begin with the chanting of the mantra. The mantra should be enunciated clearly and correctly. Incorrect enunciation of a mantra can have adverse effects. It is recommended to listen to the correct enunciation through YouTube videos if one is unsure of how to chant the mantra.

Using a Rudraksha mala is very handy in this case. One should not use the index finger while handling the Rudraksha mala. Sitting cross legged with closed eyes, one can put a Rudraksha mala in his right hand and start with the chanting of the Mantra. After each chant, one should start touching the next bead of the Rudraksha mala. There are a total of 109 beads in the Rudraksha mala, with the first one with the thread attached being the Guru bead.

The Guru bead should never be touched throughout the practice as it signifies the Guru or the lord whom we are worshipping or aiming to connect to. One should touch all the other 108 beads in a linear manner, and after the completion of 1 round, if one wishes to go further, one should reverse the Rudraksha mala and start the next round in the opossite direction, never going over the Guru bead. YouTube videos can help in mastering the correct technique of “Mala japa” or chanting of a mantra using a Rudraksha mala.

5 Krishna Mantras for Spiritual Progress

1. Moola Krishna Mantra

ऊँ कृष्णाय नमः ॥

Aum Krishnaya Namah ॥

Translation: Salutations to Lord Krishna

This is the most basic Krishna Mantra and can be chanted by anyone. One can start with the completion of 1 mala round daily and can build up to more rounds. A minimum of 5 mala chanting rounds daily are recommended for considerable spiritual progress over the years.

2. Govinda Krishna Mantra

ऊँ नमो भगवते श्रीगोविन्दाय नमः ॥

Aum Namo Bhagwate Shri Govindaya Namah ॥

Translation: I bow down to Lord Govind ( another name for Lord Krishna) who is an expression of the divine.

Chanting of this mantra can help in your married life. Chanting of this mantra is also believed to increase the likelihood of a love marriage. Chanting of this mantra daily can help in keeping your married life healthy.

3. Vasudevaya Bhagwate Krishna Mantra

ऊँ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय नमः ॥

Aum Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah ॥

Translation: I bow down to the Ultimate Reality, Vasudeva ( another name for Vishnu or Krishna)

This mantra is referred to as the ultimate mantra in the Shrimad Bhagvatam. Chanting of this mantra is believed to remove the sufferings in one’s life and help in attaining to Lord Krishna.

4. Parmatmane Krishnaya Mantra

ॐ कृष्णाय वासुदेवाय हरये परमात्मने ॥
प्रणत: क्लेशनाशाय गोविंदाय नमो नम: ॥

om krishnaya vasudevaya haraye paramatmane ॥
pranata: kleshanashaya govindaya namo nama: ॥

Translation: The son of Vasudev, Krishna, removes the suffering of anyone who comes to his abode. I humbly bow down to this merciful entity.

Chanting of this mantra is said to help if there is any conflict going on in your family life. This mantra can be chanted for the peace of your home.

5. Krishna Maha Mantra

हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण, कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ॥
हरे राम हरे राम, राम राम हरे हरे ॥

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare

Translation: The above mantra is a chant of the different names of Vishnu or Krishna, and “Hare”, which refers to the divine energy that is all pervading. The above combination of the different names of Krishna is said to be a maha mantra or “great mantra”.

Chanting this mantra improves your devotion towards Lord Krishna. It is said to help in spiritual progress and attaining moksha or liberation.


In conclusion, any Krishna Mantra has a profound and transformative practice that has the potential to bring about spiritual growth, inner peace, and a deep connection with Lord Krishna. By incorporating this sacred mantra into daily life, individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the significance of a Krishna Mantra?
A Krishna Mantra holds significant spiritual power and is believed to connect individuals with the divine energy of Lord Krishna, fostering spiritual growth and inner peace.

How often should one chant a Krishna Mantra?

The frequency of chanting a Krishna Mantra varies from person to person. Some may choose to chant it daily, while others may do so on special occasions or during meditation.

Are there any specific rules for chanting Krishna Mantras?

While there are no rigid rules, it is advisable to chant with a pure heart and a focused mind. Maintaining a sacred space and performing the practice with devotion is key.

Can non-Hindus chant Krishna Mantras?

Yes, Krishna mantras are not limited to a particular religious group. It is open to anyone seeking spiritual growth and inner peace.

What are the benefits of including a Krishna Mantra in daily life?

Including any Krishna Mantra in your daily life can bring about reduced stress, enhanced well-being, spiritual awareness, and a sense of inner tranquility.

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